EMOVE Cruiser - Starter Guide

Setup & Maintenance Guides

Quick Notes

Here are some of the things you should do once you receive your scooter:

  1. Make sure that the front light is secure by tightening the screw.
  2. Loosen the quick release lock to adjust the handlebar height.
  3. Secure the handlebar using the little screw inside the handlebar. Loosen that little screw to avoid handlebar play.
  4. Tighten the voltmeter/locking key.

How to unfold the scooter?

Step 1: Foot on the deck, place a hand on the handlebar.
Step 2: Push the handlebar forward with some strength
Step 3: Wait for a click sound. The click sound signifies that the scooter is unfolded and properly secured.

Turning on your EMOVE Cruiser

Quick Notes

How to turn the scooter on?

Step 1: Place the key on the voltmeter and turn it.
Step 2: Hold the red power button on the LCD display.

EMOVE Cruiser Speed Mode Menu

 Quick Notes

The cruiser has 3 different speed modes:

  • Mode 1 - Slowest
  • Mode 2 - Normal Speed
  • Mode 3 - Top Speed
EMOVE Cruiser Handlebar Height

Quick Notes

Step 1: Unlatch the lock.
Step 2: Adjust the stem to your desired height.
Step 3: Lock it again.

If the handlebar moves after locking, tighten the nut across the lock. Unlatch the lock to tighten the nut.


Fixing Handlebar Wiggle

Quick Notes

How to fix the wiggling issue:

  1. Fold the handlebar down. You will see a tiny little screw inside the handlebar.
  2. The screw serves as a stopper. Loosen the screw, and reattach the handlebar.

FAQ: I tried loosening the screw and placed the handlebar back. But it’s still doing the same thing.

Answer: Fold the handlebar again, loosen the screw, and put it back. This procedure is trial and error where you need to check if it fits and then try again until it’s steady.