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11" Self Sealing Street/Off-Road Tubeless Tires

11" Self Sealing Street/Off-Road Tubeless Tires

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The 11" Self Sealing Street/Off-Road Tubeless Tires are an awesome upgrade for models with 6.5in. rims (or 11in. motors). As tubeless (pneumatic) tires, they are highly durable, provide ample road cushion, and do not have inner tubes that you have to replace. With a wider than usual profile, you will feel ultra stable and connected to the road. These tires are called self sealing because the interior is coated in a bonded sealant. If punctures occur, the coating seals the damage from the inside, retaining the tires inflation and structure. Also called no-flat tires, they can get punctured but quickly seal to retain air. They are far less prone to flats than pneumatic tires with inner tubes, as a common cause of flats is the inner tube getting stuck in the rim. These 11" Self Sealing Street/Off-Road Tubeless Tires come in street and off-road styles, and fit many of our popular Kaabo electric scooters and Dualtron electric scooters (compatible models below). These are the standard 11in. tires for the following models: Dualtron Thunder 2, Wolf King GT, and Wolf Warrior GT

Note: This tire is sold as a single unit and does not come with a rim or valve stem (sold separately).

Compatible with the following electric scooters with 11" motors:

  • Kaabo Wolf King
  • Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro
  • Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11
  • Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT
  • Dualtron Storm
  • Dualtron Storm Limited
  • Dualtron Thunder
  • Dualtron Thunder 2
  • Dualtron Ultra 2

Tire Specifications
Tire Type: Pneumatic (tubeless)
Tire Styles: Road or Off-road
Tire Profile (Aspect Ratio): 65%
Tire Size: 90/65-6.5
Tire Diameter: 11" / 279 mm
Tire Width: 3.5" / 90 mm
Rim: Not included
Rim Diameter: 6.5" / 165 mm
Air Valve Stem: Not included

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