Warranty Policy


Warranty Coverage Period comes with a 10,000 miles maximum usage limitation.

All EMOVE Scooters, Kaabo Scooters & Dualtron Scooters comes with a 1 year standard warranty policy.

All other WYRD products (scooters only) inclusive of Refurbished Scooters comes with a 6 months standard warranty policy unless stated otherwise on the respective product pages.

Items on sale or any discounted products with "Warehouse Clearance/Sale/Discount" stated anywhere on the respective product page itself is NOT covered under this standard warranty. It is also declared on the respective product pages if the product is not covered under this warranty.
If you are unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification before purchase.

WYRD reserves the rights to adjust, amend, edit, update this warranty policy at any given time without prior notice.

Our warranty policy is written clearly, describing what is covered and what is not covered. No fine lines or vague terms. Anything and everything written on this page will be taken as part of the warranty policy. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions regarding the warranty policy.

By making a purchase on any page of Electricsha' website, www.wyrdryds.com, you will be required to consent that you have read through this warranty policy and it is your responsibility to do so at any time and to ask us any questions before making your purchase.

To Qualify for Warranty Service:

The product must be purchased directly from the website (www.wyrdryds.com) with a valid sales receipt presented when requested. If you purchased it from one of our partners, your warranty is registered with them.
For approved retail partners warranty, kindly claim it from your point of purchase directly.
The product cannot be used for rental or commercial.
The product cannot be used for competition.
Warranty claims made within 30 days of delivery will be eligible for replacement parts and shipping of replacement parts at no additional charges.
Claims made after 30 days of delivery will still be eligible for replacement parts but the customer will be responsible for the shipping fees incurred for the required parts.
If a chargeback is initiated on any purchase, WyrdRyds reserves the rights to deny or void any new or existing warranty.
The product must be within warranty period and used less than 10,000 miles in total to qualify for a warranty claim.

Limitations of Liability:

This standard 1 Year/6 Months Warranty is non-transferable and non-renewable after the product’s initial sale and starts from date of purchase.

No unapproved modifications can be made to the product, its performance or otherwise, in order for this standard 1 Year/6 Months Warranty to remain in effect.

No reimbursement is provided for towing, loss of time, loss of use, inconvenience, incidental, consequential damages or any other similar damages.

Warranty is void if weather-related water damage is determined. Owner is responsible for storage and protection from the weather.

WYRD makes no warranty with respect to products or trade accessories not manufactured by Electricsha, including, but not limited to: motors, tires, wheels, and batteries, other similar products or trade accessories. Such items are being subjected to the original manufacturer’s warranty, if any.

This standard 1 Year/6 Months Warranty does not cover minor surface blemishes, rips, tears, flat tires or other cosmetic damages due to normal use, shipping damages or other intentional or unintentional damage to the product.

This standard 1 Year/6 Months Warranty does not cover any damage which results from the application of improper cleaners, solvents or chemicals to the product, water damage, smoke or soot, or from exposure to saltwater, sea breeze or salt.

This standard 1 Year/6 Months Warranty does not cover any damage which results from ageing, such as fading of paint, deterioration of plated surfaces, deterioration of rubber or plastics, or rusting.

This standard 1 Year/6 Months Warranty does not cover improper repair or misdiagnoses of problems.

This standard 1 Year/6 Months Warranty only covers parts such as Motor, Battery, controller, Voltmeter and LCD display, exclude damages from rider’s usage. This is standard across the industry.

Each part that is covered by this standard warranty can only be claimed once during the entire warranty coverage period.

This standard 1 Year/6 Months Warranty does not cover damages due to misuse or negligence, use other than as specified in the Owner’s Manual, or use under abnormal conditions.

This standard 1 Year/6 Months Warranty does not cover damages due to accidents or any form of personal negligence.

This standard warranty does not cover screws, nuts and bolts, safety pins, other similar small components, natural corrosion, wear and tear.

It is important to note that this standard warranty does not cover labor or shipping fees.

You will not be able to "upgrade" the claimed part version, irregardless of any payment "top-ups". Example: Warranty claim from a 600w motor (original) to a 1000w motor (new) will not be offered/accepted.

WYRD reserves the rights to deny or void any new or existing warranty claims if WYRD has provided 5 or more complimentary replacement parts/repairs and has provided reasonable care to the customer throughout the warranty coverage period.

Manufacturing defect claims will be solely determined by Electricsha' professional technicians and claims may be denied if damages reported are not manufacturing damages as claimed.

Warranty Coverage:

Our warranty coverage includes mainly 2 functions:

1. Parts Replacement:
In order to get your scooter up and running again in the shortest time possible, after approval of your warranty claim, WYRD RYDS will ship out necessary replacement part components to you as well as provide guided assistance in the form of tutorials, videos, images, worded documents and phone/video calls. Shipping fees may or may not be included, depending on the situation.

2. Repair Services:
Upon an approved warranty claim, in the event that you do not know how or do not have the time to conduct repairs on the product, Electricsha Motors may arrange repair services for you at no additional charges. However, the customer is responsible for any incurred cost due to shipping, taxes, uncovered part replacements and/or other 3rd party costs. The customer can choose to deliver the product the repair facility by themselves if they choose to do so to avoid any incurred shipping fees.

3 East Steps to Claim your Warranty:

Step 1: Visit the claims page here.
Step 2: Attached relevant videos, images and order information. It is important to be as detailed as possible. Videos/Images are MANDATORY when requested. Failure to provide any requested supporting documentation may lead to a denied warranty claim.
Step 3: Receive instructions or follow up questions for warranty claims within 1-3 business days.

Owners Warranty Responsibilities:

As the device’s owner, you are responsible for the performance of the required maintenance. You may be denied a warranty claim solely because of your failure to ensure the performance of all scheduled maintenance.

As the owner, you should be aware that you may be denied your warranty coverage if your device or a part has failed due to abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, or unapproved modifications. For any issue regarding your WYRD product, email wyrdryds@gmail.com.