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72V Fast Charger (6.5A)

72V Fast Charger (6.5A)

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Up to 6.5A fast charger for your electric scooter. Reduce charging time by more than 50%. Max voltage 84V for electric scooters with 72V system and GX16 3-pin.

Advanced Charging controls: Decide if you want to trickle charge or fast charge by adjusting the Ampere setting from 1-6.5. Choose your target charging level of 80%, 90% or 100%. The charger will only charge up to the selected level.

Display: Both voltage and current are shown during the charging process.

Automatic charge optimization: When the battery is around 80%, the constant current phase is completed and the current measured in Ampere will drop. This is the beginning of the constant voltage phase which will charge at lower current until it automatically stops at 100%.

Dual Input Voltage: Choose input voltage depending on your location (110V or 240V). Preset to 110V for US.

Dimensions of "charger brick": 9x2.25x3.5 inches.

For Wolf King, NAMI BURN-E (PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE A 3 PIN PLUG AND NOT A TWO PIN PLUG ON YOUR NAMI) and many other electric scooters with 72V system voltage

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