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INMOTION RS PMT Electric Scooter

INMOTION RS PMT Electric Scooter

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The InMotion RS  is a 4-in-1 superscooter that transforms from an off-roader and SUV to a sedan and sportscar. No matter where or how you plan to ride it, the RS is designed to adapt to your style. Known for their electric unicycles (EUCs), InMotion set forth to create an electric thrill ride like no other, equipping the RS with dual 50A Raptor P sine wave controllers for stealthily quiet performance and ultra-smooth acceleration. Maintaining low or high speed feels effortless with the half-twist throttle, and the dual hydraulic suspension soaks up all the ruts in the road. The 4.2" LCD display has a raised edge for better visibility in sunlight and is centered on the handlebars and paired with rounded handlebar grips making a comfortable cockpit for short and long rides. The 72V 40Ah battery grants you up to 52 miles of range, and the smart BMS and InMotion mobile app give you peace of mind while it recharges. With up to 8400W peak power, this dual-motor, dual-stem beast hits a blazing 63.3 mph top speed(FOLLOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS), ranking it among the fastest electric scooters ever built. If you want a vehicle that can hit the hills, take you across town, and fit in on the racetrack, the InMotion RS electric scooter is it.

Dial-adjustable hydraulic suspension with 11 response levels and 26 mm of travel
Dual Zoom hydraulic brakes with 160 mm rotor and 11" x 3.5" tubeless pneumatic tires
Front turn signals are mounted under the handlebar grips, rear turn signals are in the deck
Equipped with a bright headlight and loud electronic horn
Unique quick-release folding mechanism features a sturdy clamp and locking pin
Inmotion Mobile App. Versions available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store)

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