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Nami Klima Electric Scooter

Nami Klima Electric Scooter

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Meet the NAMI KLIMA - the brand new development from the makers of the record breaking Burn-E. With best in class torque for a speedy take off, fully customizable controls, adjustable suspension, supreme handling and stability, as well as full lighting and waterproofing, all at an attractive price point.

Notable feature is the supremely designed drivetrain with dual 1000W brushless hub motors, that work in perfect harmony with the dual 40A sine wave controllers. Together they deliver best in class torque straight from take-off, outperforming key competitive scooters. The excellent torque is slightly compromising top speed which still clocks in at a GPS measured 42 mph. Throttle response is smooth enough for a walking speed talk off in full power mode. And, BONUS, the motors deliver a silent riding experience.

There are two battery options, the standard version comes with a large 25Ah battery with range expectations of 50 miles while the MAX version comes with 30Ah featuring LG 21700 cells which can deliver up to 60 miles (range under optimal conditions, 165 lb rider, 15-20mph constant speed).

The Riding experience is second to none - the dual rebound adjustable suspension (KKE coil shocks) in combination with the tubeless extra wide 10” tires and the low center of gravity deliver a smooth and stable ride, both at high speeds and going off road. The Logan two piston hydraulic brakes with the 160mm rotors put superior stopping power at your fingertips. Also at your fingertips on the right side are the riding controls from a smooth thumb-throttle, to the loud horn, 2000 lumen ultra-bright headlight and turn signals operating the bright rear facing LED strip. On your left hand side is the riding mode selector that also operates the bright center display which allows for advanced customization of 5 riding modes to fit your preferred riding styles.

Quality build and thoughtful engineering is visible throughout the entire scooter: The one piece aircraft grade aluminum deck is welded to perfection, long enough for a comfortable stance, and comes with a rear-foot rest for better riding stability. The battery is fully sealed inside the deck to be fully waterproof. The waterproof controllers live in an easily accessible, separate casing in the neck above the deck, which, in combination with the integrated cooling fins on the motors, prevent overheating during your most demanding rides. With an overall IP 55 rating and splash-proof front and rear fenders, your new KLIMA is safe to ride in the rain.

If you are looking for a high end performance scooter just over the $2,000 mark with best-in class torque and excellent ride quality, that ticks all the boxes, the brand new NAMI KLIMA is for you!

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