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White Rhino Seated Electric Scooter

White Rhino Seated Electric Scooter

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Custom White Fiido Q1 E Bike

Customized by Head Turner Dubai

72V 45ah LG Copper Build Battery

Dual 5kw Extreme Motors

Dual YYK 7280 Controllers (80a each)

Titanium Front Fork

Magura Signature Brakes

Magura MDR-P 220mm Rotors

Decorative Strobe Lighting

Buttons on Panel:  Lights, Gears, Power

Single / Dual Switch on Handlebars

CarbonRevo Rear Splashguard & Fender

LV seat

Capable of 65+mph/60 miles of range

 8-9k Retail if you ordered one direct from Dubai.

 $6500 shipped to your door.

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